16th Flame - Flowers flowers everywhere

[Hikaru's been fairly silent and MIA today, due largely in part to not being able to find her device nor the door due to the large sunflower forest that's appeared in her room. Luckily she's found the device. ooc: This is backdated to the 23rd ^_^;]

[Open to the Network - Voice]

Um, guys? I'm having a bit of an issue here... [Understatement]

Have any of you noticed anything unusual today?
I could set them on fire.. but... then it might spread to the whole beach house..

[Shakes her head]

I better not try it.

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15th Flame - Fuu's Departure

[Open to the Network - Voice]

We just got Umi back.... and now Fuu's gone....
I.. don't know what the City is thinking.

I'm sure we'll all miss her terribly.

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Kitty Ears

14th Flame - After the Masque

[Open to the Network; Voice]

Wow! I didn't expect such turnout at that Valentine's party! I hope everyone had fun! It's times like these where we should enjoy any of the downtime the City has to offer. Handing out all of those masks was such a cute idea too! Everyone did such a good job!

[Finally pauses to catch a breath]

Did anyone else get a chance to ride in those little boat things? What do they call those again..

[She means the gondolas]

The City transforming like that.. it was like an adventure!

I guess that about covers it.. oh hey! I'm sorry if I missed handing out sweets to anyone at the party. I tried not to miss anyone. Remember if you liked those candies you can always pick up more from Geo's Sweet Shoppe right here in town.

[ooc: You can pretend Hikaru saw you at the party if you like.]
Henshin yo!

13th Flame - Umi's Departure - Open

I still can't believe that Umi left...

I never thought that were going to let her escape... It just goes to show that you really can't predict what the City is going to do at any point in time.

I'm glad, that she managed to make it.

I'm going to miss her terribly.

13th Flame - Medical Attention Required - [Voice]

[Open to the network || Hidden from certain parties You know who you are (The people it's blocked from have already been informed so if you haven't heard from me about it, you can see this)]

Hello everyone! [Her voice sounds as bright and cheerful as ever.. initially.] How to start.... I hope this message finds you well-- but I have something important I'd like to ask all of you.

It can't really wait any longer.. [There's a sigh before she finally comes out with it]

If someone has a serious medical problem.. I mean a really serious problem where should they turn? I know there's the hospital but-- this isn't something I think they're used to handling. I should probably look into the hospital as well. Are there any medical professionals among you that I could speak to?

I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Kitty Ears

Merry Christmas - open to the network - Video

[Hikaru is standing back from the device, there are some festive decorations in the background and a santa hat placed atop her head. She's smiling cheerfully and prepared to wish all the residents of the City best wishes]

We all know it can be pretty crazy in this place but that's no reason to let something like this slip by!

So everyone out there, Please have safe and Merry Christmas!

[She takes a moment to ring some bells for emphasis]

Oh yeah! And I hope you all got the cards I sent!

[ooc: The cards are for the following people:

Umi, Fuu, Presea, Clef, Lantis, Eagle, Tatra, Chang Ang, Aska, and Ciel]


[The screen flickers on as Hikaru stares down into the lens. She thinks she's only a visitor like everyone else, and that this device isn't actually transmitting anything right now. These temporary devices shouldn't be capable of it, right?]

I.. remember the last time this happened. There were so many new people in the city.. then in a few days they all disappeared. Am I going to disappear too? But.. Umi, Fuu, everyone... I don't want to leave them again.

[She sighs and closes her eyes]

I know they can make it without me, everyone is so resilient.. but. I feel like I need to be here now.

[Hikaru is in her favorite locations to sit and think, Xanadu, on a park bench.]

And... with everything that's happened....

[The feed ends.]

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[Nightmare Curse] - OPEN

[The setting is a desolate looking place: the sky is dark and foreboding only illuminated by a series of lightning strikes, ruins are everywhere, and rocky spires have sprouted out of the ground in all directions reaching skyward. To a keen eye, you may notice that the ruins look familiar, some buildings even managing to maintain enough of their signage to reveal that they were once shops located in the City. They're nothing but rubble now. A young girl is standing in the middle of it all, visible shaken and horrified by the destruction she's just witnessed]

Hikaru: W-What happened here?!

[For a moment she doesn't seem to know what to do. Reaching for her device she tries yelling into it.]

Hikaru: UMI ! FUU!? Can you hear me?! Clef? Presea?! Anyone!? Are you all right?! Where are you?

[The device crackles, as it's flooded with white noise. Beyond the thunder, and the hissing of her device, there's nothing to hear. Everything, everyone else is silent. The device, which is usually flooded with posts from The City inhabitants is completely clear. She fiddles with it a bit more, before getting frustrated and tossing it aside. Hikaru runs to the place she last remembered seeing the others.]
[As she begins to dig through the rubble, an additional sound rings out. The sound.. of laughter. Sinister, malice-filled laughter. Hikaru jerks backwards, the voice is all too familiar. She bites her lip and clenches a fist, trying to stave off the anger welling up inside of her long enough to ascertain just what is going on here.]

Hikaru: Nova

Nova: You won't find them Hikaru~

[Nova, is standing on top of a pole that managed to avoid being completely felled. her arms are crossed, and she's looking smug. Her words are almost lyrical]

Nova: They are alllll gone~. You're the only one that's left, I killed them all for you!

Hikaru: That's... That's... impossible! You couldn't have! That's not funny!

Nova: Poor little Hikaru~ Now you know how it feels to be all alone. Like I was....when you left!

[Nova's eyes contract into cat-like slits on the words "when you left!". She leaps off of the pole and draws her weapons, lunging toward the other girl]

[ooc: Everyone is welcome to hop in to the dream. When you enter the dream at first you'll be completely alone, see the city in ruins. Most of the replies will be fielded by Nova. ]
Henshin yo!

(no subject)

[Open to the network; audio]

Wow, is everyone all right? ... There were a lot of curses floating around this weekend weren't there? I just can't understand we keep getting subjected to these things... but.. I guess no one really knows why.

If anyone needs any help, please let me know okay?

[Private to Eagle]

I hope you've been staying out of trouble [teasing here... but she MEANS it too. Sort of]

[Private to Fuu and Umi]

I'm so sorry you guys were both hit with such strange curses. Are you feeling okay?
I'm Hikaru Shidou

08| Eighth Flame

[Open to the Network: Voice or Action]

Hello everyone! I've got some terrific news! There's going to be a new candy shop opening soon and all the treats will be handmade! At least I think they will be. I'll be delivering free samples soon so let me know if you're interested!

You can't really go wrong with free chocolate can you?

[ooc: Feel free to see Hikaru delivering the treats around the city. Action is welcome. She will be popping up all over the place~]

[Private to Rayearth Peeps - Minus Autozamian Peeps]

-- I've been talking to Eagle recently-- and it seems like we might be able to salvage our agreement if we just let him scan your sword Lantis. If it's the wrong one, there's nothing to worry about.

Eagle-- doesn't want to have to fight you either. At least he didn't seem like he wanted to...

Since Lantis is from the same dimension as most of you, then it shouldn't be the key from our dimension. Please, at least consider it.

[Hikaru hasn't been paying the greatest attention to the Network, doesn't know that Eagle and Lantis had a scuffle already.]